um well news

my extremely awesome girlfriend renewed my [long neglected] domain for me, so i’m off back to

i still sneak and lurk and read all your blogs btw. i just kinda needed some quiet space for a while.



a dead raggie

that’s a ragged tooth shark, dead at the edge of the sea. a friend found it yesterday and it had a hook in it and a tag on it then. dunno if it escaped the line (they tag and release a lot round here) and then died or what. apparently staff from cape town’s two oceans aquarium (the only way to spend the hours before the airport) are fishing in this area and are going to come and dissect it. i’m not going to watch..i’m busy and besides, i grew up in kwazulu natal and a visit to the natal sharks board along with a shark dissection, was one of the standard school outings in the 70s and 80s. the stepfather who abused me, also designed their stainless steel self draining dissection table, i believe. whatever.

beautiful, prehistoric creature. i’m sorry it’s dead.

{a crass generalisation}

psychologists are white women over forty
with children mostly grown and time to spare
they empathise from converted granny flats in suburban gardens
and they share a solemn respect for everyone
compassion carefully cultivated and packaged by woolworths
they take notes in ballpoint pen on exam pads
and they always care
psychologists are welcoming, unthreatening
they wear wedding rings
but don’t mind if you’re queer
they think of you over a latte later when you’ve left
they’re quite bereft in their self-emptying nests

2010 in review

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