Don’t worry, we’re lesbians too ..

You’re walking round the corner of your girlfriend’s office building with her and there’s a bunch of women, giggling and climbing the wall from the office car park to the flats next door.  You grin and walk on and once it’s all behind you, you hear, “Hey!” You look back and a rather portly, fairly butch looking woman says, “Don’t worry, we’re lesbians too!” You laugh and say, “Yes, I can see,” and the butch says, “Why?” So you say, “You look like a lesbian,” and she says, “You look like a lesbian too!” When you walk back that way a little later, there are two women kissing outside one of the flats.

(Only a lesbian can tell another lesbian she looks like a lesbian without offending the lesbian.  Thanks, heteronormativeassholes).


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