Your mother, the ex and her girlfriend ..

So your ex and her girlfriend come to visit and your mother’s delighted, because she always loved that ex to bits.  The ex is more of a friend than an ex actually, the relationship wasn’t really a relationship, but the terminology remains.  You gap it down to the beach with them and on the way someone says something about how much your mother likes the ex and you all laugh and then the girlfriend says, “God she still doesn’t like me for stealing the ex from you,” and you laugh and say, “Nah, me and the ex were never anything much, my mother just wishes she could have her for a daughter instead of me.” The girlfriend says, “I know how you feel, I have the same problem.”

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4 responses to “Your mother, the ex and her girlfriend ..

  • thoughts and rants of a haitian lesbian

    I would hate when my mom would ask about my ex’s like wtf? And who cares? Good thing my ex’s don’t come for surprise visits to my mom, but I could imagine it would be uncomfortable just like running into her and the new chick in public or somewhere you’re not expecting it. In a few weeks I have the pleasure of going to a fashion in which two of my ex’s will be a part of. One we are cool no bad feelings or vibes we can hang out like regular people. But the one who is a more recent ex I can’t stand, and hope she doesn’t try to make small talk or look in my direction.

    • me

      actually that ex is very cool, so it was all fine – potentially completely shitty of course :D but yeh, it was actually ok. one of the few exes who still talks to me heh heh.

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