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6 responses to “butch-femme?

  • butterflygrrl

    lol nice- I prefer soft butch with black leather boots ah yummyness

  • ben

    Sensible shoes either way.

  • butterflygrrl

    Sexy sexy :) good shoes a must docs always a plus too

  • me

    ben you got those soft black leather boots on?? *grin* i live in converse style sneakers a la kurt cobain – the blundstones don’t get much use in an african summer & i never seem to find the right occasion to wear the beeeeg soled purple leather ones. odd that.

    • splinteredones

      Shouldnshow you our shoes. Have some fab-ullus cowboy that somebody likes hah. Nice though. Know whatcha mean thru the metaphor though…The roles I to which we’re pigeonholed by the planet sort of thing. Right? Dr are we just losing it again?

      Glad we finally found you. Don’g know how this technology shite works and so…

      • me

        ja, thanks for the return visit :) don’t worry about the technology … mind you, you have an iphone, i have never even tried to use one :D

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