we can quote the bible too

no clue as to the source of this image, but it’s awesome.

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9 responses to “we can quote the bible too

  • Eileen

    Excellent sign. I just found out today that Metropolitan Community Church in Sacramento, California closed. Truthfully, it makes me want to cry. Reverend Frieda Smith, a lesbian, was so outspoken and literate when it came to social justice issues and GLBT issues, as they relate to Christianity. I went to many a discussion of hers, even panel discussions where she defended the GLBT Community actually using the Bible, and the thing that impressed me at the time was that it was clear to me that no one was actually listening to what she had to say. They had their minds on lock down. Now, I’m in New Mexico, but I’m following Proposition 8 in California. The right wing is throwing around the same old arguments to make marriage illegal for gays and lesbians including: marriage is for procreation. They are so afraid, fearful of what? That there won’t be any more children born? Would you just give me one break. First of all, there are so MANY children born to straight people who are abused and then given up or left behind. Straight couples do not have a corner on raising a family. This whole Biblical concept when it comes to putting people down or casting me aside is disappointing, and much like people wouldn’t listen to Reverend Frieda for 35 years, I doubt if anyone in California is actually listening to the truth now – that GLBT people can be Christian as much as anyone, and can have families like anyone. They’re too busy talking to themselves, talking ABOUT gay people and hating.

    • me

      i’m in south africa – we have legal gay “marriage” in the form of civil unions here and i am apalled that america doesn’t … leader of the free world? hardly. it’s very, very sad indeed. there is n0 justification for bigotry – and unfortunately very little sign of it ever decreasing. meh.

  • ben


    I guess a woman who was not a virgin AND didn’t buy into the bible would be really screwed then hey ;)

  • moominboy

    I don’t get the obsession with virginity. They are not the most… skillful people, if ya know what I mean…

  • Wounded Genius

    Brilliant pic – love it!

    I understand that the punishment for working on the Sabbath is also death. Perhaps its something new we could try on the global economy as nothing else is working?

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