a short thought about gender

i’ve said it a gazillion times before – i’m a dyke who gets called “sir” a lot.  mostly, i think that’s fun.  i’m very attached to my vagina, but not to most binary gender definitions.  although i am content with my own physical shape, being taken for the “opposite” gender to what my body’s categorised as, keeps me thinking. i imagine the two binaries, not on a line, but on a circle – because circles can spin – and that if you put male and female at equidistant points, there’d still be a lot of interesting space on the circle to fill with all kinds of people. maybe the whole space is “intersex” but then there’d be so many degrees of that too.  i guess it’d work better on a mobius.  (too lazy to go get an umlaut there, sorry)

i’m also busy trying to find out who uses gender-neutral pronouns – i fear their fate might be pretty similar to esperanto’s …

[new thingy up at idyke today too]

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9 responses to “a short thought about gender

  • nome

    Haha, ya, there are a lot of interesting challenges that go with using a genderqueer pronoun but.. I love it, so what am I to do. I’m positively lovestruck! :p

  • nome

    Haha, that’s a cool way to think about gender, as long as you don’t mind a few randos chillin outside the ball for one reason or another.

    • me

      randos? short for random? help an ignorant south african out :D and thanks for stopping by, you know i dig your blog a lot.

      • nome

        Ya, sorry, randos means random folks. It generally means just random people around but I’m using it to mean people who are not easily grouped together necessarily. I guess what I’m saying is that not all genders relate to masculine and feminine, and there are people who do not relate to a gender at all, so there should be room in your model for us folks. :)

        And thanks! I enjoy yours as well.

  • ben

    My kid recently explained a mobius strip to me.
    I just thought you needed to know that apparently.

    I think we get too hung up on labels in general when most are irrelevant anyway. We are all different and we all the same.

  • moominboy

    Lol, great definition of Mobius strip :D

    And I like randos. I will use it more in daily conversation.

    Hmm, can I still call you father? :O

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