hero has a dyke dilemma

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Hero’s main lesbian connection is a strangely uptight and clean woman called Scrubs.  Scrubs has been going out with a very cool butch called Dean for a few years.  They make rather a surprising couple – Scrubs is all about labels and status and Dean is all about hard work and kindness.  Dean’s a bit of a  legend and has been out with her fair share of women locally – no idea about Scrubs.  Scrubs is low-grade, low-level, permanently dissatisfied and constantly searches for opportunities to flirt with other women.  She reckons it’s all just harmless fun, but Dean doesn’t like it one bit.

Scrubs thinks she’s cleverer than Dean, better looking; she thinks she’s just better.  Dean thinks she’s in a serious relationship with Scrubs.  Scrubs gets insanely jealous when other dykes go anywhere near Dean.  There are lots of good things about both of these lesbians, but for morals, you’d shop at Dean.

Scrubs has two primary targets for this “harmless fun,” the first is Heidi – a good looking and rather androgynous bisexual woman currently in a long-term open relationship with a man.  The second and allegedly more meaningful target is Fluff, who says she is straight, but who, rumour has it, has been the subject of much local gossip amongst people who suspect she might be attracted to Scrubs.  Heidi is no threat; if there was a custody battle between Scrubs and Dean, Heidi would be firmly in Dean’s camp.  Fluff’s an unknown and seems quite uptight anyway.

The reason this is Hero’s dilemma, is that Scrubs confides in Hero and Hero, frankly, disapproves of it all.  Scrubs has also been trying to get Hero to facilitate a meeting between her and Fluff, without Dean present.  Hero hasn’t a clue how to deal with it – what do you think?

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