And now they’re even happier … the twats.

pic and words unrelated

Somewhere around the turn of the year, while still living with her estranged girlfriend, she started telling people she had a boyfriend.  Today she told people she’s pregnant by him, but needs to keep it off Facebook so her ex girlfriend doesn’t find out, and work too, because she’s now applying for a job at a higher level, which will give her maternity leave.  She’s been with this fantastic man that her family hasn’t met yet for “a few months” and everybody’s thrilled about the pregnancy.  Her mother was very unhappy about the daughter and her gf’s public displays of affection when they visited last year.

You would think a 28 year old who’s been with a guy for a few months and gets pregnant, while still living with her ex, would raise an eyebrow.  Perhaps a lip would even purse.  But nope, those two old bags are just relieved she’s all nice and straight.

And they insist on telling me all about it with perky, perky expressions.  I told them she was actually just bicurious in the first damn place.  They gotta diss lesbians at me though.



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