overtly covert

there are times when my own blogs piss me off and i start deleting stuff – or even the whole blog.  it generally happens either when i feel i’ve said too much and left myself a bit raw, or when someone’s been an asshole on my blog and reminded me that the “masses” i.e. the v few people who kindly bother to read me, are sometimes a tad malevolent.

thing is, i love blogging, been doing it for ages and i find it helpful, sociable, therapeutic, inspirational … and shit like that.  and i like THIS blog.  i have some really great old friends who read and comment and some way cool new connections too.

and there’s stuff i want to talk about that i don’t want used against me, because it hurts and it’s happened before and i jest doesn’t like it ..

so i am joining the wise/paranoid ranks who sometimes publish password protected posts.  if you want the password, email me at: spr [dot] serious [at] gmail [dot] com

or not ;)

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