i’m starting to remind myself of hothead paisan

I should probably have made the connection about, eh, a decade ago.  I can’t get on to the official site right now, but in the meantime, in case you can’t either, here she is – Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist.  Now that’s one angry, snarling dyke.  I was on Amazon the other night, looking for something to spend a voucher on and I wondered whether to get the complete book – the one in the second link.  Read a few pages of it and blanched at myself *grin*  My girlfriend (yay) bought me Alison Bechdel’s The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For (yay) and I loved that so much, I guess I was in a cartoon sort of a mood.  It was like getting an overview of social history – mine and my tribe’s – and even though things are way different in South Africa 1) enough things are similar and 2) I spent many years in the first world anyway.

I did a DTWOF quiz ages ago, so I found it to add here – the result is n0 surprise to me … let me know yours!  And if you don’t know the comic, well, you just gotta.

You’re most like Mo, the nucleus of the strip. Yes, you’re cranky, neurotic, and self-righteous, but women actually find this adorable. You’re lucky you live in a comic, though, because this would not happen nearly so often in reality.

Mo’s a sub though and I ain’t ;)  Click le pic to do the quiz yourself.

Oh – thanks to whoever sent me the MMS Valentine with the birds and so on.


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