raying for pain

my grandaughter said we’re even praying for rain at school, said the village mouth (usually downturned) i mean, it’s a wonder they can even teach christianity at schools these days, at least some teachers have morals.

i kind of hope they were praying to mazda or zoroaster or something.

we do need the rain.

{i’m taking a little light strain round here, from the general verkrampd attitudes.  i’m not even the only dyke in the village, but the others aren’t out at all and so they remain in the realms of gossip.  i get that plus the disapproval).

btw, i replied to the password requests twice, because i fuckwittedly got my own password wrong the first time XD – if you didn’t get mail, it’s prob in your spam folder.  my email just likes doing that.


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