Depression is a disease of intelligence – it only occurs in the top 5th percentile. Thus spake la shrink and I guess it’s meant to make a down person feel up?  Whatever.  Intelligence is as intelligence does, whatever that means.

Anyone have any great tips for unclenching the jaw?  I think mine’s been clenched since about 1974.  Mostly for the rhyme.

Uganda now doesn’t just wanna behead homosexuals, it wants to behead homosexual boy scouts – and jail any adult who gives them “supportive advice.”  :/

Context … there’s always context.

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8 responses to “Hmm

  • queerfindingsanity

    In some ways I want to believe that… but I also don’t completely. Sure I think a lot of intelligent people deal with depression, but others do too.
    (i just had to spend the bus ride home hearing about how some guy jumped from a building downtown yesterday…ugh)

    unclenching the jaw… hrm. Have you found any stress relieving fall backs? sometimes i’ll do comfort food, or movies. But when its really bad, I obviously have yet to find a constructive solution. ha..


    those homosexual boy scouts sure are a dangerous bunch! eek

    • me

      i feel so sorry for ugandans full stop … that whole country must have serious ptsd and worse … such a sad and violent history and whole generations wrecked and ruined.

      uh … stress relief … walks/phys exercise helps. sometimes i just sleep. read. drown in music. when i am fried i just can’t meditate. hell when i’m that strung out i can’t even masturbate o.0

  • Moominboy

    Am not sure it is has so much to do with intelligence (that’s a broad term) as with emotional intelligence and high standards on oneself. Depression is basically rage and scorn directed at oneself because we are disappointed by our own actions. And since our standards for ourselves are impossibly high (much higher than we expect from others) we never reach them. And thus we are depressed that we can’t reach them.

    At least that’s how it is for me. Partially, anyway.

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