oblivion is too pretty


My online presence matters to me, not because I have no life – actually I do and a lot of it is damn good.  There’s some stuff though, that I can’t deal with offline and when I say that, I don’t mean because I am frightened, but that some things are simply not under my control at all.

With the exception of the occasional odd troll, (and if you’re still lurking here, fuck off) it’s safe here and mine – I can make it look (sort of) how I want and I can say what I want (mostly) and it’s the nearest thing I have to a comfort zone.

My readers are few, but they matter to me.  Yes, that means you.  Uh no, not you … but you … definitely.

My offline presence means more to me.

I don’t always mean very much to me.

I wish I still had my PSP.

Machinarium for Mac looks good, but too puzzle-y for me.  It looks beeyootiful. I wish Neverwinter Nights 2 or something would work with Snow Leopard.  I should write instead.  Blah blah.

I wish I’d quit whining.

At least I’ll never be this horrific.


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11 responses to “oblivion is too pretty

  • T.

    LOL- I can’t decide which is more horrific – the fact that the blog exists or her wardrobe decisions….yikes! Great post….sorry you’ve got a troll problem – WTF’s up with that! You’re great – your blog is great – hang in there.

    • me

      isn’t it vile? i mean, she’s certainly not fugly and the clothes could work … on someone else … and ok she’s into comedy, but it just don’t work for me. then again, i am yer basic dyke kinda “style” *grin*

  • queerfindingsanity

    comfort zones are super important, Im glad you at least have this space for that. Is it possible to incorporate some of that comfort/safety into your home environment?

    Since moving out of the house I grew up in, Ive found creating a home that feels safe, comforting and mine is super important (maybe thats why I turned into a home body type..).

    I hope the troll disappears soon. cuz you’re too awesome for that. :)


    • me

      home is another story bud, i’ll do a passworded post about that sometime. the future’s good though. and thank you thank you thank you, netfriend.

  • ben

    Your online presence means a lot to me too. Your offline presence does too… even from a distance.

    I’m kinda hurt that I have never had a troll. If I did I would name him Trevor.

  • darla

    i shall repeat it again.

    you are NOT allowed to link to strange blogs. do you KNOW how many hours i spent LOOKING at that thing?

    YOU, blue, are EVIL. yes you are.

    that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to leave teh interwebz though.

  • Moominboy

    Your presence, online or offline, defo matters to us! You are soulfamily!

    I should start a blog like this. It would be horribly boring but hey…

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