a tediously generic blog update about today

wake up just a little late [stayed awake just a little late].  cigarette, green tea.  put some laundry on – outside it’s sunny, windy.  think about the day slowly – need to find the imac’s installation discs, make a backup, ponder boot camp, borrow windoze and office.  take the dogs and wander across to a’s place – she might have the windoze stuff and anyway, i need to say a sad goodbye to k again.  get there just in time for coffee and conversation.  home again minus one dog [willingly] and m, j and c were there.  j said she had xp for me – “all the tapes,” but she wasn’t sure what version.  next brainwave – raid ms’ place while he’s in new zealand, so i wandered round there and lo and happily behold, found xp sp2 and office xp.  back home to back up.  the phone rang and it was work – lekker work – a press release for an organization in response to the zanele muholi thing. send a first draft within a couple of hours, they love it and we’ll tweak and release tomorrow.

the evening was ray mears on tv [ignore], minestrone and muffins, some runescape [o the embarrassment], some more z muholi research, a cigarette with a and then a phone call with my gf.

ben showed me homo milk.

a swedish couple are bringing up a gender-neutral kid.

tomorrow will be busy.


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