blah blah blah-ckberry

Ok so I’ve hardly blogged in farknose how long and oddly enough the only reason I’m doing so now is because the yuppieberry now has wp installed. Irritates me how this mofo autocorrects me.


What can I tell you… Whoever you are… That I’m alive and mostly ok, I guess. Once a week or so I’m even happy. I’m mostly ok.

Frodo has a sore ear.

I saw a bunch of dolphins.

Uh I know I know, I’m as boring as …something truly tedious.


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4 responses to “blah blah blah-ckberry

  • s0fa

    did you wanna say you’re as boring as… old? because getting a blackberry is s0 capitalist consumerist of you… and the first step towards a degenerate life of yuppiedom. traitor. getting a penthouse next? but hey, at least you can be online 24/7 as stated above… which mean it must probably be the 25th hour of the day now as you are nowhere to be seen! anyways, i’ll stop making you feel bad now. xoxo your friendly dyke hag

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