images of (east london) pride [i]

shoulder to shoulder ..

xhosa rasta lesbo - viva!

i have a right to dress da way i want

makin' that call..


i wrote about east london, south africa’s first EVER pride march here.


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5 responses to “images of (east london) pride [i]

  • T.

    I love your pics of Pride….this is what a Pride Celebration should be about, not a huge street party like they have become here in the States. We have come a long, long way from marching with bags over our heads to hide our identities but we still have a long way to go for true equality. Our party is premature and your pics will serve to teach us a lesson in humility and solidarity. Thanx!!

  • ulla

    They’re mostly big parties here too, but not in this city – it was el’s first ever pride

  • ben

    Can I have gay pride without being gay?

    I never knew about the paper bag thing. That’s terrible. I know it has to feel like baby steps, but I do think things are moving in the right direction.

    I am also gay proud of my country for recognizing that it’s not about “gay rights” it’s about “human rights”.

  • ulla

    thanks both of you for the v cool comments – was posting from le phone last night, hence the brevity …

    it really was a fantastic day and YAY i borrowed a camera … will be uploading more photos from home tonight.

  • ulla

    ps YES ben a) you’re human and b) you’re an ally

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