completely boring blog post

aliwal north 2009 – u. kelly

i’ve said it before and – being a repetitive bore – no doubt i shall say it again – pretty much every journey is epic to me.  well for a start, everything’s a journey … and i include transit lounges happily.  this morning’s wooo epic odyssey, was a 15km drive to take the bake to the mechanic and then a 15km drive back with him, to drop me at home.

we got some rain last night – fairly unusual in these parts these days – and they’re still tarring the road off the main road and so i still had to use the other road, which is another dirt road and one that turns into a very bumpy, holey, slidey thing after the tiniest amount of rain.

[and speaking of rain, there’s a rainbird calling.. burchell’s coucal, for any lurking twitchers]

so, you know … red dirt roads in the rain … you keep the vehicle in 3rd gear plenty and brake as little as you can.  this was handy as it was the bakkie’s brakes that needed mechanical attention.  tooled along merrily smoking and there were a fair few other vehicles on the road – one 4×4 slewed slightly alarmingly behind me.  it was ok though and to be honest, i don’t think my brakes were bad at all – just starting to make *that* noise, that brake fluid won’t soothe and that tells you it’s time to … wf, this is boring … anyway …

stopped at the garage and the mechanic hopped in – he’s a cool guy actually.  he shares his name with a very old line of euromonarchs – but it’s not that uncommon a name in his motherland, so don’t get excited [like that is even possible in this blog entry].  he came to africa by ship many years ago and landed up in a eurocolony that isn’t one anymore … when they were forced off their farm, his father dynamited it.  if i remember correctly, he killed himself, but i could be imagining that.

we didn’t talk about all of that today anyway – we mostly talked cars and we also compared food we’ve tried.

most antelope round here
croc… etc.

ok he just won, hands down and he told me some very fun stories about what his troepies fed him in angola, what he ate without knowing it in china – and so on.  i hardly noticed the potholes on the way home, though i swear i was focusing well on the road.

that’s it really.

it’s thundering now and frodo’s worried about it, as he always is.


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4 responses to “completely boring blog post

  • s0fa

    is it thundering or chundering?

  • Vak

    isn’t it interesting how something like this can give something like a snapshot of a day in your life?

  • Moominboy

    I agree with the above comment. You are very good at snapshotting life!

    Also, I’d love to try everything on your weird food list. Unless it’s protected or something. I think trying local cuisine is the part I look most forward to when visiting other countries.

    Every journey is an epic journey. Good tag line for a travel blog, eh? :)

  • ulla

    @dos: chundering

    Thanks.. I am right off anything to do with “social” and “networking” right now – taking a little time out of the datastream.

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