chatlog: me + teh moomin

8:04:17 PM Ulla: this guy prances past me in a wizard hat on rs and says polak
8:01 so i go
8:01 are you being racist
8:01 well
8:01 are you
8:01 then i check his name
8:01 krzychu
8:02 then he says
8:02 my woodcutting level is 60
8:04:50 PM Bitzky: lol
8:04:57 PM Bitzky: krzychu definitely sounds polish :)
8:04:58 PM Ulla: :D
8:05:11 PM Ulla: gimme something funny to say in p[olish
8:05:16 PM Ulla: but he is prob a child so be clean
8:05:42 PM Bitzky: hmm
8:06:06 PM Bitzky: zyrafy wchodza do szafy
8:06:19 PM Bitzky: means “the giraffes are walking into a closet”
8:06:23 PM Bitzky: a children’s rhyme :D

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5 responses to “chatlog: me + teh moomin

  • solotus

    brilliant! :D
    (did you ever see the ali g thing about giraffes?)

  • ulla

    Nope, don’t think so – tell?

  • solotus

    ali g is interviewing a harvard zoologist. he asks, very sincerely, “why is all giraffes gay?”. the zoologist looks annoyed: “who says they are?”
    ali g is certain: “well, they look it.”

    i realise now that you had to see it. doesn’t sound one bit brilliant, but it is just so off the wall, and the professor is so wrong-footed by the question, that it is.

    and now giraffes walking into a closet… :D

  • Moominboy

    Oh that’s a second meaning to this rhyme that I never spotted before :D

  • ulla

    hehehe brilliant

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