comfortable shoes

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16 responses to “comfortable shoes

  • Moominboy

    I never got why women are ready to torture themselves with shoes. It’s not like they look less attractive in regular shoes.

  • sroxy

    I’ve worn sneakers all my life – my feet are a size 9. My two sisters (who are otherwise my size) wear heels and fancy shoes and they’re both size 7.

    Yup, no foot binding here.

    Ps Love, love, LOVE your blog. :)

  • Lola Sunshine

    I’ve been reading this comic the last few days and I’ve really enjoyed it for the most part. However, I find this particular comic a bit troubling. I get what you’re trying to say, but you don’t take into account that for many women, wearing “impractical” shoes is a very clear choice. It doesn’t make me any less of a dyke because I wear uncomfortable shoes and I know a large army of femmes who would happen to agree with me (although, conversely, it also doesn’t many anyone any less femme to *not* wear heels and the like). So, anyway, I do understand the point you’re trying to make, but please understand that it’s a little dismissive at best and, at worst, takes away agency to suggest that dykes only wear one certain type of shoes and this makes them superior to all the stone-aged pointy shoe wearing women out there. These things are not always mutually exclusive or correct. Just my 18 cents.

    Lola Sunshine

  • me

    Oops, only saw your comment now, apologies for the delay in replying. Yeah you’re right, I *am* dismissive of uncomfortable (not nec just femme) shoes..the kind of shoes that damage feet and spines + cause women to have to drastically alter the way they walk + that inhibit their movement. I’m not taking away anyones right to put themselves in those situations, just allowing myself the right to disagree.and the day I scrawled that, I was peeved at one of those remarks ..”Do you *have* to dress like that?” Honestly though, discomfort seems nutty to me. Suffering in aid of…what??

    • Lola Sunshine

      Suffering in aid of expressing my self-identity. Does anyone ask these same questions of butches and boys who bind their chests at the risk of their health and comfort? Or would it be seen as offensive to question something so fundamental to their gender presentation? I do sometimes wonder… Not saying you don’t have the right to draw whatever you like and express you opinion. I am just giving myself the same space to respectfully disagree.

  • me

    Good point – binding + the phys trauma it causes makes me equally sad – a topic to tackle sometime – actually I have several butch wtf queries. Foot binding is as valid an expression as anything else too..well humanity’s past is littered with intrlinked pain + identity – tats, scarification..but those things are ritual + the pain is one-off + temporary..just thinking aloud + tyvm for your thought provoking comments

  • Lola Sunshine

    Thank you for the dialogue. Would be interested to hear what your butch wtf’s are someday.


  • me

    Definitely working on the butch wtf one :) just a little behind in scanning etc – checked out your blog, but only been on my phone lately, so I commented on someone else’s post, then noticed the author I will tootle along there + look for your stuff later when I’m on a decent sized screen

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