badly drawn dykes: enter…the dyke hag!

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6 responses to “badly drawn dykes: enter…the dyke hag!

  • nktrygg

    I have often wondered about that.

    Gay men get Fag hags and Lesbians have no equivalent.

    I wonder if it’s because women are more willing to wait around for something that’s not going to happen, or are content with an unequal relationship

    while straight men are going to cut their losses and move on…

    I also wonder why gay men have an accent and lesbians don’t…..


  • me

    I think perhaps it isn’t all gay men who have accents, but mostly just the femme/camp dudes. Maybe butch dykes have a gruff tone … *examines own voice*

    As for the hag thing – I dunno maybe there isn’t that shared interest in fashion or something…?

    • nktrygg

      I have a gay pal who’s not at all swish in his manners or clothes – he doesn’t have the hyper exaggerated lisp, but he has a very stereotypical gay voice.

      his spouse could pass for straight though.

  • dyke hag

    What ho, Ge0rginah! Just for the record, I really don’t think I’m (ever going to be) as interested in cargo pants as you are. Also, I like my necklace! Good job mate, well done. Will withdraw some lash from the lash machine for you later.

    • me

      Itd be very odd if you developed a cargo pants thing – though you are at least fond of chucks – I think maybe that’s the only common lashion denominator. Thanks for joining the lashional front XD

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