bending the gender agenda


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6 responses to “bending the gender agenda

  • solotus

    word is a genius.

  • nktrygg

    gender is a cultural construct, every culture in every time period had their own idea of what it was to be a man or a woman

    we should move beyond that and ask, what does it mean to be a person


  • April Rose

    Hi, Ihope you don’t mind my self promotion, but I’ve dedicated a website to my philosophy of transcendent identity. I call it Awaken from the Dream. No sales pitch except perhaps to
    WAKE UP!
    Check it out, it’s painless. LOL Rosie

  • me

    Hmm. It has nothing to do with my post, so you’re simply spamming. Ah I remember you – elegantly written emo new mexico thingy. It made me think of the warren zevon song “splendid isolation” – specifically the line “I wanna live alone in the desert I wanna be like georgia o’keeffe” – tbh though as soon as people get new age on my ass I tend to plaster a light smile on + reverse rapidly. Good luck with it all though :)

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