in a world without labels..

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14 responses to “in a world without labels..

  • Lyn Campbell

    Ahhh, but with so many nuances and interpretations of the labels, how can ever really know what’s in the can? A ‘well done’ steak is subject to a spectrum of interpetation, and a human being (especially a woman!) is infinity more complex than can possibly be indictated by a soup lable can. We each wear many labels every day: mother, daughter, lover, boss, emoloyee… when it comes to something as esoteric and deeply personal as the labels to which you refer, the intrepretation of them is so broad and changeable as to render generalised labels laughable. Many of the young’uns despise the term ‘dyke’ for example, but personally, I love it! When it comes to defining what a term means, it depends entirely on what it means to you.

  • blueinthefaceangel

    LOL! I love it! Fit’s my mood exactly!

  • me

    Lyn.. I agree completely with defining our own terms, but but but .. Language is a common consensus, language *is* labels. We need to at least know some basic ingredients … I’m allergic to some of them ;)

  • Lyn Campbell

    @ Me – Maybe it’s me that’s emotionally stunted! *grin* Perhaps I just haven’t picked one and made it my own yet… *big grin*

  • me

    Nooooo – don’t think you’re that @ all – I just can’t find the answer to – if there are no labels, nothing can be identified + then how do I find the right unlabelled person to have sex with? If I ignore sex + gender, I’m not a lesbian..if I rush about saying “want sex plus vagina” well there’s the labels again..or can I say “no labels except when horny”? Ok I’m being flippant, but seriously..I tend to think I’m just never going to be postmodern…

  • me

    Ps thanks :) new cartoon inspired..

  • Moominboy

    Hey, that’s not a prob for me. I’ve had Mystery Soup ™ many times :P

  • me

    You’re talking about soup, right? XD

  • T.

    Why are labels so hated anyway? I think it is in our makeup as humans to label – it’s not a bad thing if we also realize that our labels are fluid and subjective…so what – it’s all good.

  • me

    Some people use labels to victimise other people

    • T.

      granted….it is also a sad fact that its in our makeup as humans to victimize with or without the labels.

      • me

        someone once told me that using human nature as an explanation’s just a “crude causal connection” – i remain, however, a firm believer in human nature … we’re orrible!

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