queer eye for the straight knight – online gamer homophobia

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8 responses to “queer eye for the straight knight – online gamer homophobia

  • lesc90

    aw what a nice ending. “and I am dressed in a tin can, old enough to know better” hilarious!

  • me

    Thanks babydyke ;) I have another episode of that little tale to scan/upload tomorrow.

    Oo the toast just popped. Yey toast.

  • blueinthefaceangel

    haha love this! But I totally get it! Ahh love seeing other gamers.

  • lesc90

    ill be looking for it!
    I imagined buttered toast and now I have to satisfy my new craving. thanks

  • me

    Les meet angel, angel meet les. You guys should be blogfriends.

    Let there be toast.

  • Moominboy

    Oh yeah, that’s a common recurrence. We have a few gays in our guild and from time to time somebody will drop a “lol ur gay”-type of comment. Usually one of us officers tell them privately “err, you know that we have gay people in the guild, right?” and the most common response is “oh shit, I didn’t think about it. I hope they dont feel offended” and then they never use it again. Maybe we are just lucky with our guildies but all of them seem to be rather open-minded.

    Of course those that aren’t usually find themselves kicked rather fast :P

    But yeah, plenty of kind people around :)

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