a shout out to a damn cool mutha

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7 responses to “a shout out to a damn cool mutha

  • lesc90

    very cool :)

  • me

    Imagine if parents all followed through on the unconditional love thing…

  • pasupatidasi

    zion is totally stoked about the cartoon!…what a nice gift.

  • me

    Aw yay :) well I just think you + zion sound like very cool human beings indeed. And dave’s always looking for cool kids to collect – I think she resents being an only kitten sometimes.

  • hotdamnfemme

    That’s so fantastic! I’m going for gender neutral names when I become a mom, too. <3 Thanks for keeping us in the know, yo.

    • me

      thanks for the visit =) thought of any babynames yet? there’s a baby in sweden being brought up gender-neutral + publicly, gender-hidden..it’s called “pop” …

      • hotdamnfemme

        I don’t know if I could do the waiting game during school age development times, but I know I’d like a child named Gabriel and one named Soledad. Maybe not as neutral as Zion, but easily adaptable when the child expresses themselves. :)

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