ur s0 g@y!!111!1!!!

ur so gay..u prolly think this toon is about u..don't u?

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10 responses to “ur s0 g@y!!111!1!!!

  • lesc90

    It seems like the number one insult to call people gay. At the restaurant where I work there is a counter top covered in signatures and little notes, usually by the younger customers.
    Every insult has to do with homosexuality.
    When did kids get so clever?

  • me

    Ja and we supposedly need to create safe spaces from it all, in some kind of global defeat. Meh.

  • lesc90

    at least we can write cool blogs (with cute drawings and clever writings) about it and meet cool people (like fluffly babydykes) who want to read them!

  • me

    Viva interwebs! And hugs for you, fluffeh!

  • emmahouxbois

    Am I a bad queer for my mind immediately filling in “… and you don’t even like boys” when I read the title? Oh Katy Perry. If we can’t speed the evaporation of homophobia in the public dialogue, than we can still build symbols of strength and resilience to help youth out of the closet undaunted.

  • me

    Nooo katie perry..bring back jill sobule :)

  • nktrygg

    I wanted to pitch a tv called called Dyke Pal for the Straight Gal

    it would include switching all the furniture for second hand or curb finds

    flannelling up the wardrobe

    veggie-ing up the pantry

    teaching some power tool skills

    and raising political consciousness

  • me

    I’d definitely watch – I think they might balk at the flannel though….

  • emmahouxbois

    Hell yeah. There should also be a lesbian home improvement show. Just think, dyke plumber’s crack. ;D

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