queer eye for the straight knight: here be dragons

btw i updated the cartoon character page.

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11 responses to “queer eye for the straight knight: here be dragons

  • lilborneo

    Always love popping in and following your comments. I’m a fan of yours. I’m glad you follow me too. :-)

  • lesc90

    haha! you make me want to play dragon sword games. (I wish I knew the name of one so this comment wouldn’t seem so silly)

  • me

    Lil – likewise
    Les – it doesn’t!

  • lesc90

    When I draw dragons from now on, I want to color them in all squiggly and stuff.
    you’re my hero!

  • me

    :D the scribbledragon happened when I fucked up its nearside talons

  • lesc90

    fuck up the nearside talons.. brilliant!
    lol :)

  • pothus

    Lol at both the comic, which is a particularly impressive way of dealing with little boys on MMORPGs, and “lesbian in long nightgown,” which is either someone looking for something they saw before, or someone really optimistic about finding their fetish online!

  • me

    Hehehe ye…long nightgown… :/ I must cartoon it, keep meaning to + forgetting

  • Moominboy

    Plenty of such idiots on the Internet. Fortunately our WoW server is quite mature. And in our guild such person would be quickly removed.

    But for safety we assume that everybody is a guy ;) We actually had one impostor, that was a sad story :(

  • me

    I’d be interested to hear the story…

    • Moominboy

      It was a few years back. We accepted a girl into the guild, or so we thought. I mean, we assumed it was a guy but she actually started to flirt with the guildmaster. Like, a lot. And I think the poor guy thought that they had a connection. But the girl never wanted to get on Skype or voice comms. When she finally did it her voice was very weird but she blamed it on the microphone. Except that suddenly during the convo her voice became a clear male voice. And it turned out (or so we think, anyway) that the guy was using a voice converter and it suddenly stopped working. Anyway, that person clearly is getting off on it because we had reports that he was trying to do it in other guilds as well. Odd, eh?

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