clubbing lesbians = clubbing seals?


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10 responses to “clubbing lesbians = clubbing seals?

  • lesc90

    it feels like its been forever since you’ve posted!
    This was worth the wait :) very funny!
    I like how neat and well-formatted it is, the first row is my favorite!

    I feel like I mostly comment on the aesthetics rather than the content. Sorry :(

  • me

    :) thanks fluff – it felt like ages to me too, because I’ve been scrawling quite a lot, bUt my laptop is out on loan and my desktop won’t talk to my scanner…

    • lesc90

      well I’m excited to see that lots you’ve been scrawling :)
      Do you wear more blacks or browns. Normally… Just out of curiosity.

  • hesspartacus

    Thanks for your comment, me.

    So let me get this straight….

    It’s OK for a lesbian (oops….I nearly typed “dyke”) to use the term “dyke”, but absolutely verboten for a straight male to do the same?

    Tell you what, maybe the Government should enact legislation that stipulates exactly what we can say in public. I only suggest this because it would be a lot shorter than a list of what we can’t say.

  • me

    Well it depends, doesn’t it? I personally never take offence at the word dyke, in fact, obviously, I like it. But it is one of those words that has had to be “reclaimed” because it was used as a slur. Do you call black people niggers?

    Homosexuality is still a crime in a lot of the world (37 african countries, for example) – your blog post was just ill-though out and ignorant. Minority-bashing for the sake of about half a cheap laugh. But I suspect you of being a smartass rather than a hater – I hope so anyway.

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