the sporadically unbearable loneliness of being human

emaux? who moi?

i think i should clarify..i woke up the other day feeling lonely and alienated and this was pretty much the first thing i did. after a cigarette. i might come over as incredibly emo and in need of a shrink – and some days i am, but the thing is, a) i have one and b) this is the stuff i really feel the need (and i feel it hard) to express – i wanna be heard..we all do. but i’m not permanently morbid – i have been known to crack a crooked grin from time to time ;p

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15 responses to “the sporadically unbearable loneliness of being human

  • Moominboy

    Man, I’m so with you. Sometimes the alienation hits me like a wall. And you drew it perfectly: an alien being trying to tune in. Not blend in, just… understand.

  • me

    It amazes me, considering how many misfits there are, that we (humans) still end up so lonely so much. It says a lot about us as a species, as individuals, as societies… Like somehow we just keep braking down the tower of babel or something. I’ve always been utterly fascinated bt loneliness/alienation – it’s my favourite thing to photograph.

    • Moominboy

      True true. It’s not a sense of loneliness in a traditional sense. I don’t want to change my ways to fit in, I am happy with the moomin way. But… it would be nice to understand the desires and motivations of people that surround me every day. And as it is now, I don’t.

      • s0fa

        yah i agree with both of you. but do you see alienation as an inherently bad thing?

        • s0fa

          i mean, it’s all a social construct really, the whole concept of loneliness. we are bombarded daily with media basically telling us to find a mate asap. they make us think we are “un-able” and can’t function properly if we’re on our own. what a load of bollocks! i for one think loneliness isnt bad at all, its just what everyone makes of it that puts it in a bad light.

  • queerfindingsanity

    You probably already know… But I TOTALLY know how you feel. Its hard. And lonely sometimes. Also totally get that art/blogs/etc can wind up making folks look even more emo than you are in reality…
    Im still known to crack a joke with a lil smile on occasion too, though most days you’d never know it from my blog.

  • me

    Actually I’m a walking depressant irl too ;)

  • me

    Yes yes fraulein freud you’re quite right ;p but I wants my whinges!!

  • me

    :) will look for you guys online this evening

  • s0fa

    cool. hope i can make it! am off for a swim now.

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