Day 6 – Did you face any problems regarding religion?

Not in terms of my own home – we were all lapsed catholics. Trouble with religion, again, was purely an external thing – right wing fundamentalist godbotherers croaking balefully about doomsday on street corners + the edges of pride marches and so on. And the memorably flabby pale man on the beach who said that god had in fact made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Genius.

That’s about it really and those fools are all leap of faith epic logic fails anyway.

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6 responses to “Day 6 – Did you face any problems regarding religion?

  • Peachy Keen

    unfortunately, for me, this was the source of all my problems. i was raised in a very strict, cult-resembling, christian pentecostal/ holiness type deal. it was the forefront of EVERYTHING. and despite having church, religion, and Christ crammed down my throat at every chance, my mom’s first response to my gayness was, “well, I’M a Christian and …blah, blah, blah.” i was thinking, “so all that crap for nothing? i’m gay and poof, i’m no longer Christian?”

  • me

    Ai that must have been incredibly tough :( I’m always aware of my good fortune in descending from rather well read ideas kinda people who never accept anything without question. That brings its own challenges, but at least I didn’t get that “it is against the bible and therefore evil” bullshit shoved down my neck.

  • lesc90

    I’m grateful that I didn’t have to deal with religious resistance in my family as well. Liz love and I did have a man follow us in her neighborhood screaming, “God made a plug and a socket for a reason, you need a man!” In the same breath as, “Kill a faggot!”

  • me

    Oh jeez – niiiiiice…. Poor you two. People can be so freaking violent verbally. Yergh.

  • Moominboy

    Oh it seems like I already commented on this in my previous comment :P

  • LadyLuck

    The only problem i have had regarding religion was from dating catholic girls.

    The guilt. The shame they brought on their families sometimes became a little too much for them to bear.

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