Day 7 – How your parents took it or how you think they might take it

The only parent I gave (and give) a shit about telling, is my mother – and that was also my first coming out story, so I’ve done this bit of the meme already.

If any other parental type creatures pass by…well, fuck off actually.

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3 responses to “Day 7 – How your parents took it or how you think they might take it

  • Moominboy

    Heh. The only coming out story I did was when I told my father (with whom I was living in Poland at the time) that yes, I would very much like to live with my mother in Sweden after I was done with grammar school (something that according to his own words was up to me). I was very afraid to tell him and rightly so, the backlash was furious. Only partially directed at me, more at my mother, who was just as surprised by my decision as he was.

    Err… that was a digression…

  • Dace

    when I was ready to tell my father in a letter, he managed to die before it reached him. My mother was not so lucky. We didn’t talk for a few weeks and then we entered this game faze – “I (my mother) will send you books written by religious fanatics, underline where it says it is lack of mothers love and first signs of being neurotic and you (I) will google the author and prove that he / she lives happily ever after in Netherlands with his/her partner in a same sex relationship. ” And of course, we cannot forget the gay healing books that made me laugh and reply that I have been searching Jesus (no offense to people with faith) but he speaks Chinese and keeps hiding from me…I just couldn’t find him.

    A year later, we finally had a decent conversation, we had learned my partners name, we had met and suddenly it was my fault no matter what happened and my partner was and is an angel who can do no wrong…

  • me

    Nah luke it’s relevant, that whole process – cool that you recognise it.

    Thanks for the visit dace – I think yours is the first latvian coming out story I’ve ever heard

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