Day 10 – What does marriage mean to you?

Well, same sex marriage has been legal in South Africa for some years now – we were the 5th country to kegalise it.


The first lesbian wedding I went to was between two of my very best friends. They made me their “mistress of ceremonies” and proceeded to introduce me to all and sundry as, “our mistress.”

I felt (and still do) that all consenting adults should have the right to marry any other consenting adult/s. It mystifies me utterly that any society which shouts about tolerance and rights and freedom, suddenly has a puritan hissy fit when it comes to us queers tying the proverbial knot. Especially when it’s a secular society … *frown*

But beyond that, on a personal level, I think marriage is..a thing that you twattish hets tend to take far too much for granted and thus devalue.



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