Day 11 – Your favorite LGBT book (or one you’d like to read)

It isn’t classified as lgbt, but since she is queer and naturally open about it I will claim it – the.powerbook by Jeanette Winterson. The reason is barely lgbt either – I think I love jw partly for her queerness, but what overwhelms that, is far more important and is the reason for my choice, is that the bloodycursed woman writes like a freaking angel. And not a Botticelli one either – more like Ben Affleck in Dogma or Lucifer from the graphic novel series. Just. Fucking. Exquisite. It doesn’t hurt either, that jw is all hawt and intellectual and stuff. Nom nom nom. I love liberated lyrical queer brains.


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3 responses to “Day 11 – Your favorite LGBT book (or one you’d like to read)

  • T.

    There are lots of good LGBT books out there…..well, ok – not lots but some and even a few good quality literary fiction types but Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe is my favorite…..I know most folks have seen the movie but the book is WAY better and explores the relationship between Idgy and Ruth a bit more in depth. I love follksy voice of the narrator and I love the format of moving between time periods by using the local newspaper stories to fill in the gaps. If anyone hasn’t seen the movie – see it but do yourself a favor and read the book too.

  • queerfindingsanity

    this makes me totally happy that you sited Jeanette Winterson as your favorite LGBT author/book. yay!
    She totally rocked my world when I started reading her books in high school. :o)

  • me

    I loved the fried green book :) much better than the film. And qfs…yaaay that you love jw too.

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