Day 13 – Your favorite LGBT role model/celebrity 

Zachie Achmat for his very out, political stances and work with HIV. I don’t get how he can be so staunchly ANC still, but at least it means we have a moffie on the inside…

Kate Clinton for being the world’s only hawt older butch showbiz dyke. She’s funny + clever – she’s American, so lots of her stuff goes right past me (American politics..I’m interested in an occasional and limited way). When I interviewed her, she identified as “stylish butch” and I just loved that. She’s my style role model :)

Alix Olson for being cute and wordy and witty and outspoken.

Jeanette Winterson for being opionated and the most amazing writer on earth. And for the way she speaks and writes about love. And for her Le Creuset collection.

Kate Bornstein for the love she projects for the queer/trans community, while being as outrageous as possible.

Brenda Fassie for being the first black South African woman I ever heard of who had a girlfriend. Publicly. Never liked her music (sorry ma brr) but was always impressed that her nutso-ness was brave in ways foreigners won’t understand.

Elderdykes…all of them. Mary Renault for living a good life in Cape Town and writing The Persian Boy – as a child I thought if Alexander was bent, there was definitely no shame in me being bent. Tove Janssen for being quietly gay and arty and for giving the world moomins and that excellent book..title of which I’ve forgotten.

Chris Pureka for existing in such a cute boi way.

I can’t pick one.


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