dearheart write to me soon or i’ll rip your entrails out

mmf. interesting, delightful and slightly disturbing to get blasts from le past hey? that was a postcard i sent to a v dear friend while she was on a dig in jordan and i was living/working in stellenbosch in the western cape. we caught up again recently – we’ve known each other for 23 years and it’s thoroughly awesome to roar with laughter at emails.

it can’t have been v long after sept ’93 that i moved to kleinmond. at some stage, i lit a bonfire on the sand and burned all my personal stuff – letters, journals etc.

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10 responses to “dearheart write to me soon or i’ll rip your entrails out

  • pandoRAH

    thats really brave, burning lots of personal stuff… but i guess its also v healing.

    as for the card i could tell you guys were close…

    google ads above this comment box tells me all about “Facial Feminization Surgery” in Ghent, Belgium – a certain Dr. Bart van de Ven… funny how Bart means “beard” in German.

    Been laid up w/ flu for the past couple of days, hope to see you around soon!

    Miss you like an old hag misses her kitty cat when it’s out on the prowl!

  • pandoRAH

    PS – I will click on the ads if you get money for it… OK… and out of curiosity :P

  • me

    I don’t see ads and I don’t get dosh, so click only if it’s fascinating :)

    Eh, I burned stuff, because I got up that morning and tried to kill myself. So I made a bonfire on the beachsand outside my house and tended it while I cut my left wrist. When the blood started to blob out – thick, dark, viscous + it sat on the sand in sort of pebble shapes. I felt completely nauseous, so I tried it up with a bandana. Walked down through the little town to all three of its corner shops, asking for the strongest pain medication they had. Fucking patacetomol. Got about 60 of those and a small bottle of guava juice and went to sit on the rocks over a wild current. Didn’t have the balls to chuck myself in, too queasy to cut. Of course I was a doofus and didn’t have anti-emetics either, so I started boss + best friend then put me in a room of the hotel where I worked and I threw up every few hours for about a week.

  • me

    (In afrikaans, beard is baard)

  • Moominboy

    Hey, ripping out entrails never killed anybody, right? ;)

  • pandoRAH

    i do it daily to myself and see! i’m still alive…

    • me

      hrmf…and are you? i ask petulantly, because i looked for you sat and sun nights and you were nowhere to be found… i suspect you of having a life.

  • me

    Ohhh I keep hoping…

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