nouveau butch?

i chatted v briefly to victoria recently about a little fear i think i’ve raised on this blog before i.e. that if any kid i know googled “butch” to maybe find out more about what i am, then what they’d v likely get (after cowboys and horses and suchlike), is rather a lot of information that could be some fairly eyeball-roll inducing information about bdsm and transitioning. and i absolutely do not dispute anyone’s right to…etc etc etc. but i’d like the potential googler to get a different definition. so yup, victoria’s comment that if more pages like mine/different/whatever existed, then people would get more than one view.

of course, i have written a lot about the noun and verb of butch over the years, but perhaps i need to stop stating my own terms of reference over and over and write more stuff, different stuff, any ole stuff.

but what?

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