give us this day our daily butch

I wake up in a butch way, wearing either men’s pyjamas or boxers and a man’s t-shirt. I am inelegant and stumble around for a good while. I let my butch dogs out to pee, then go and do the same. I do not pee standing up though, my humble apologies. My toothbrush is blue – you might call that butch? I’m too butch to eat breakfast, so I have a cigarette with my green tea (when the butch auditors come by I drink diesel instead). I work for myself, because I’m too butch too work for other people, so I turn on my computer like I turn on the bitches yo..with one finger. That mac knows it’s on when I’m done, oh yeh.

Damn, I forgot to tell you about my butch bath. Yeah baby, I … Eh … You’ve realised by now that my butch tongue is firmly in my own cheek for once eh?

I look butch. I’ve been called sir while wearing a skirt. I never try to play it down and actually, I don’t often try to play it up either. I look the way I look, I wear what I find comfortable (and occasionally stylish) and my voice is deep and my walk relies on my legs rather than my hips. Butch is frequently referred to as a gender performance – mine comes naturally.

My wallet-chain is pure affectation, but I can’t think of any others. My girlfriend would know.

The hair on my head is short, the hair on my legs is long, armpits – short, *ahemyouknow* is..actually that’s none of your business, heh heh.

I do not wish to be a man, but I do not wish to be limited as a woman either. I see clothes as drag and in our society, we’ve created that as a binary concept. My breasts are too large and my voice to deep for me to be labelled androgynous.
I’m soft, nurturing, hard, tough … Blaaah blah … All the supposed contradictions that make up any human being. Without some kind of intense medical investigation, I will take my vagina as proof that my sex is female. My gender I leave to observers to define and I’m always fascinated by the results. Sir. Ma’am. Whatthefuckareyou? Those are the top 3.

Butch is a word I use in pride and solidarity, the way I use dyke and queer. I didn’t go looking for any of them, but I welcomed them all.


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