way outa my customary paradigm yo

so i went to gym.

if you don’t know me well, you won’t realise that what i just said is akin to my having declared i’d just been to jupiter.

i went to gym with my girlfriend on sunday morning, after much consultation and some window shopping and borrowing and reassurance, because i had to effing well wear shiny lycra tights man! or whatever you call ’em. anyhoo, reluctantly clad in shinytights and stuff borrowed from my v patient girlfriend, off we went. i lasted a whole 10mins i think, on the treadmill (walking lol) and about 8mins on the bike. my gf did loads more and i perched there watching her – frankly, i felt aroused.

never woulda thought i’d end up in a gym – joining up was my first ever foray into that world of mirrors and steel and sweat.

only she coulda got that right ;)

(but someone needs to point me at some butch gymwear).

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