that’s georgia the nguni cow skull. she’s named for georgia o’keeffe and my gf and i rescued her from a field along a dirt road. she came away for a weekend with us, in the boot of my gf’s car, because we were on our way at the time. georgia hangs on the stoep to remind me of it and there’s a print on my wall, of the cliffs where we were, that does the same. blue skies and beauty.

so i have a dslr again. to say that i’m stoked would be putting it very mildly indeed.

happy national coming out day, america! and well done to everybody who came out – as we all know, it isn’t a linear process – so i don’t necessarily mean those who came out for the first time. but especially well done to those … i’ll spare you my coming out rant, i did it [yet again] quite recently.


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