the little book of butch – page two

i like the butch 360 project, so i signed up for it.

it’s good to see such different responses, from all over the place. i like seeing these little analyses of butch online that challenge the mainstream cyber butch presence too. you should visit and if you’re butch, you should sign up too. mkay?

and since i’m waffling on about butch, i finally got around to scanning page 2 of the little book of butch – a completely unstructured thing that happens when it happens. i haven’t done many badly drawn dykes lately, because i’ve been v busy working/writing. and you know how it is … life intrudes into online stuff lots ;)

valid thing to say eh? and interesting. and i’m really, really hoping to get some input and insight here.

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2 responses to “the little book of butch – page two

  • Leslie

    I’m used to people assuming I’m straight. It’s often frustrating, and having it understood because of who I stand beside is sometimes a nice relief. I can understand her position.

    • ulla

      ja, me too – i felt bad for not having considered it before. it doesn’t change the way i look or dress, but it does change the way i think – and maybe act.

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