dear queer, i love you ..

because illogical societal stigmas make families forget sometimes, that they love their children and parents and siblings and so on, we queers generally fear coming out, with a dread a lot of people don’t seem to appreciate. in fact, before the terror, it’s society that has caused the fact that we need to come out at all.

we shouldn’t have to.

but we do – or we lurk, fearful in closets not of our own construction.

i was very, extremely (a lot!) touched by a letter roxy wrote, from the viewpoint of the mother of a queer child. it shows a level of love and understanding and basic human compassion that actually, we should all be exercising. it’s the basis of most religions and the better philosophies and part of what allegedly raises us above animals ffs … that letter should get printed out and sent to the world.

now roxy ain’t the mother of a queer child, at least, not right now, i think her “weasels” are a little young to be deciding that. she is, however, both a queer and a mother. She has her own coming out journey and it’s an interesting one. (btw she and her genderqueer lover are happily polyamorous bdsm freaks, so if you go clicking around her blog indiscriminately, i won’t be responsible for any orgasms and/or conniptions you might enjoy/suffer). ;p

i don’t have a huge amount to say on this topic that hasn’t already been said … just … people manage to love murderers … please don’t draw the line at queers?


[desmond tutu and his god have no issue with us, so why should you?]

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4 responses to “dear queer, i love you ..

  • Leslie

    that letter was so touching. people deserve that kind of acceptance from their loved ones. It’s a shame that its not more common than it is.

    • ulla

      yep – also that despite everything queers have to endure, we’re all in this weird agreement where the STRAIGHT people need the help and understanding … :/

  • Roxy

    Ulla – wow. :) Thank you so much. I’m humbled, and so happy to have gotten it right and be able to inspire. I really love Badly Drawn Dykes and your blog so much, and it’s beyond amazing that you mentioned me here.

    Ps Isn’t it also interesting that when a queer says “freak” it suddenly sounds like a really cool thing to be? :)

    • ulla

      maybe it’s because somehow, we’re all seen as freaks? i’m not into your sexual style myself, but so what :) i AM very into both the way you write and the way you think about your journey and that letter touched me deeply and i simply felt it completely needed to be shared.

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