Club Eden – the Only Queer Club in East London

Welcome to Club Eden – it’s my local queer club. Sally and her staff and family and friends renovated it and threw a party to celebrate.

Note the apple in the dancefloor tiles there – eden – geddit?

As ever, it’s a complete mix of queer and not so queer revellers.

Some of them are beautiful.

The owner is Sally Prins – butch dyke extraordinaire.

They’ve got two bars – this was my view of one of them.

Pieter is Philip’s boyfriend – he’s gorgeous too.

Mr, Ms & Miss Gay East London 2010 getting down in our traditional queer debauched style. No negative comments! It’s traditional!

Preparing for the great reveal …

… devil in a red dress yo.

Fokkit but Olivia Neutron-Bomb has the skinniest legs in the Eastern Cape.

The queue outside the toilet?

Pretteh Philip aww..

There’s a pole, but she stayed fully clothed.

“Ulla you bitch, what was that about my legs?!”

Olivia dahlink, I love you.

LOL check out the woman on the far left …

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