Adding some Eastern Cape LGBTQ voices to the struggle ..

some members of a new activist organisation, incl yours truly. i need a haircut.

my butch friend, mfundi, from the Eastern Cape LGBT Forum. i LOVE this photograph, i’m very proud of it.

my my my gail! mine!

zama, my homo homie from nshongweni in kzn. also ECLGBT Forum.

leigh ann, serious transgender activist

dawn, from the Coalition of African Lesbians

the eastern cape’s the most impoverished, most marginalised province in south africa. there are challenges not only from the westernised version of hate and intolerance that we all know about, but from traditional practice too. sadly, southern african indigenous populations aren’t amongst those ethnic groups who tolerate us trannies and queers. so those are brave faces, not just beautiful ones. and we’re talking grassroots activism. and it’s so worthwhile i can’t even begin to describe just how crucial it is.


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5 responses to “Adding some Eastern Cape LGBTQ voices to the struggle ..

  • solotus

    ah ulla – such good pics. you seem to capture the essence of people.

    brilliant that this thing is getting off the ground – aluta continua and all that!

    ps the link to cal doesn’t seem to work?

  • Moominboy

    Nice to see you again! Long time since you posted a pic of yourself :) And good luck!

  • Mort

    aaah heck… “I need a haircut’. You’re such a girl…. wuahhahaaaha.
    Seriaasly, I look like i’m ferrying an undergroomed Lhasa Apso on my head at the moment. Guess I’ll have to take it to the parlour before I confront my Nan again?

  • ulla

    Gf cut my hair naaaas and short yesterday thenkyewverymuch ;p and re gran – maybe you could just get hold of some whips and chains and put your hair into a nice, tidy bun. Yes, I said bun.

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