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chatlog: me + teh moomin

8:04:17 PM Ulla: this guy prances past me in a wizard hat on rs and says polak
8:01 so i go
8:01 are you being racist
8:01 well
8:01 are you
8:01 then i check his name
8:01 krzychu
8:02 then he says
8:02 my woodcutting level is 60
8:04:50 PM Bitzky: lol
8:04:57 PM Bitzky: krzychu definitely sounds polish :)
8:04:58 PM Ulla: :D
8:05:11 PM Ulla: gimme something funny to say in p[olish
8:05:16 PM Ulla: but he is prob a child so be clean
8:05:42 PM Bitzky: hmm
8:06:06 PM Bitzky: zyrafy wchodza do szafy
8:06:19 PM Bitzky: means “the giraffes are walking into a closet”
8:06:23 PM Bitzky: a children’s rhyme :D

chatlog: zombie feet and the nightgown of doom

7:54:28 PM janna: cerule!
7:54:33 PM Ulla : elleaux
7:55:06 PM janna: i think salve would be a more appropriate response to that actually.
7:55:39 PM Ulla : hmm do i choose the zombie head boots gloves shirt or trousers
7:55:55 PM janna: gloves. and also AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHHHAH omg omg omg omg there is FANFICTION for a child called it.
7:55:58 PM janna: omfg.
7:56:01 PM Ulla : lol wow
7:56:11 PM janna: this i have to read for myself.
7:56:18 PM janna: i just died a little from the wtf.
7:56:22 PM Ulla : yeh these are some cool boots actually
8:00:38 PM janna: cool.
8:00:53 PM Ulla : i’d rather have the chicken feet but theyre discontinued
8:01:14 PM janna: …i don’t think you should wear chicken feet.
8:01:25 PM Ulla : theyd look fabulous with rune armor
8:02:24 PM janna: blue, if you wear that, i’d have to report you to queer eye for the straight knight.
8:02:47 PM Ulla : well i just lost all my mage gear to a revenant vampire in the wilderness dammit
8:03:09 PM janna: i got a new nightgown on sale.
8:03:13 PM janna: you can borrow that.
8:03:14 PM Ulla : oh yes?
8:03:17 PM janna: yeah
8:03:19 PM Ulla : defence level?
8:03:43 PM janna: well, it goes to just above the knee, so i’d say it’s safer than a babydoll.
8:03:49 PM Ulla : definitely
8:04:25 PM janna: it’s also mindnumbingly pink with polka dots.
8:04:33 PM Ulla : hectic attack level then
8:04:38 PM Ulla : +bewilder
8:05:14 PM janna: yeah!
8:05:20 PM janna: + chance of stun
8:05:36 PM Ulla : ima have to blog that you know
8:05:45 PM janna: of course.
8:05:48 PM janna: go right ahead.
8:06:03 PM Ulla : o like i need permission to quote you
8:06:12 PM janna: add in the bit about a child called it fanfic. because the wtfery of that is just…wtf?
8:06:18 PM janna: lol
8:06:43 PM Ulla : :)
8:07:32 PM janna: i kind of look down on people who read that sort of books, you know. :-P

the aragorn cobain chatlog

328405666: if i didn’t get to do an elf, i’d do her. or possibly her brother. he’s the least greasy of all the men, and he’s the one who’s lived on a horse for several months. what does that say about aragorn’s personal hygiene? huh?
wreckfish: roflolol
328405666: it’s a serious question, blue.
328405666: :-P
wreckfish: i figure ppl just stank
328405666: which is one reason for doing elves.
328405666: other than them being ridiculously pretty of course.
wreckfish: fairynuff
328405666: but seriously…éomer is shiny. aragorn is just…sorta glistening dully.
wreckfish: grunge tarnish
328405666: yeah.
wreckfish: aragorn cobain
328405666: campfire singalongs just got a whole lot darker.
wreckfish: fanfic chatlog…lol
328405666: …load up on swords, bring your friends…
wreckfish: fall on ur swords
wreckfish: get the bends
328405666: it’s fun to lose a hobbit then
wreckfish: we’ll all be corpses in the end
328405666: in movie-verse my girl is gone
328405666: quel du, quel du, quel du, how long?
wreckfish: just maggots now to rest upon..
328405666: then mandos brings us all on home
wreckfish: and gimli is my garden gnome
328405666: this is a tshirt moment, blue.

two snotty people, one chatlog

wreckfish: if thats a good butch i am a small armchair
wreckfish: with a side table
wreckfish: and a still life with fruit

wreckfish: amusement: *link removed*
328405666: oh my god, bigfoot shaved.
wreckfish: scary
328405666: you are not kidding.
328405666: it looks like
328405666: one of those inbred cannibal people.
wreckfish: completely
wreckfish: i’ve read her blog before she seems batshit deluxe
328405666: well
328405666: blue
328405666: i hate to say it
328405666: but most online lesbians do.
wreckfish: it is true
328405666: honestly, does she think she looks good in that photo?
wreckfish: shudder
328405666: ewww
wreckfish: and the caption
wreckfish: a good butch is hard
wreckfish: if thats a good butch i am a small armchair
wreckfish: with a side table
wreckfish: and a still life with fruit
328405666: LOL
328405666: lol
wreckfish: :)
328405666: please
328405666: use that as your little blurb about yourself.

the twitterwhore strikes back

hypertopia8 I nominate @suzeormanshow for a Shorty Award in #finance because I want a lesbian to win.

SuzeOrmanShow @hypertopia8 now that sounds like the best reason yet-

twittering @ kate bornstein

OK.  Kate Bornstein.  First time I ever stumbled upon her name was when I bought a copy of Nearly Roadkill in Exclusive Books, Somerset West Mall, Western Cape, South Africa in – oh fucknose, 199_? I read the novel till it was tattered, forced friends to read it and was generally word-and-thunderstruck by it.  When I met another fan of the book, I knew I’d met a fellow amazing human being.  That kind of stuff.  Maybe I should explain that that sort of literature isn’t “big” in this country even now and it certainly wasn’t back then.  It was fantastic to read (in those crackheaded and bartending days) about the fluidity of gender, the fluidity of identity, gender-neutral pronouns and, (plucked from the staid shelves) WOMEN HAVING KINKY CYBERSEX!  I had a brief and fangurlish email exchange with her at some stage during the late 90’s and she’s still sweet about talking to fans.  I commented on her blog, she replied on twitter.  Check it out:

katebornstein @hypertopia8 What’s the state of the queer/lgbt scene in your part of South Africa?

hypertopia8@katebornstein eastern cape: underfunded, underdeveloped, undereducated but still plenty of good people. tiny scene.

katebornstein@hypertopia8 I can only imagine. Yay you for your pioneer work, Ulla. Please let me know if I can help/support in any way. xoxo K

hypertopia8@katebornstein are you in touch with these guys – they do amazing work here

katebornsteinTks and tip o’ the hat to @hypertopia8 for pointing me towards South African trans support & research group:

hypertopia8@katebornstein liesl theron, robert hamblin, charl marais would be the people to talk to there. they’re in their recent book too.

I really hope she does talk to genderdynamix, they’re an amazing organization.  Oh yeah, it’s a transgender org, KB is a transwoman.

twittering @ suze orman

fangurlishness hits an all time low?  why does she always look so … shiny?

anyway, read it from the bottom up …