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roadtrippin’ with my true love

we went away, my girlfriend and i, to the mountains for the weekend. such a simple statement and it holds an incredibly beautiful world between its little words. we’ve been roadtripping pretty much since we met and it works well. we share the driving, talk a lot, play music infrequently, stop where we like – it works. i LOVE roadtrips, so it’s a huge bonus that she does too. it means i can merge like a lesbian and say, “we love roadtrips.” nice. i drove the tarred part of the journey and she drove the dirt – because photogenic things tend to happen along dirt roads. on tar, you have music and livelier conversation. on dirt, the wheels become a mantra, the sky is a meditation and you find you want to just quietly rest your hand on her thigh and smile at the world a bit.

time’s so elastic on a journey – in transit is a place in itself. i love it. i love it a lot.

i could do a wonderful review of where we stayed and what we saw, but i’m indulging myself completely in this blog entry and it’s more of a love letter – to her primarily, but also to my country – my adopted country, i wasn’t even born here. roads and tracks and trees and signs of humanity and the parts of it humanity has fuckall to do with … it’s just love.

yes man, i am solidly smug.

landscape photography is not my strong point and i don’t much care – but weeeelll … one may as well practice eh? i love mountains the way i love the sea – perhaps the sea just gets a slight advantage because it is blue. and i love blue. the eastern cape’s all yellow and dry now – worst drought in living memory and so forth.

my girlfriend is from the eastern cape and interprets and translates it for me beautifully, because i am not.

eland are my favourite animals and san rock paintings are like prayers to them in some senses. so’s the tattoo on the base of my spine. we climbed a mountain to see those. they’re so bright, because they’re not getting messed up by loads of visitors. nice man, very nice.

and now i’m out of words.




way outa my customary paradigm yo

so i went to gym.

if you don’t know me well, you won’t realise that what i just said is akin to my having declared i’d just been to jupiter.

i went to gym with my girlfriend on sunday morning, after much consultation and some window shopping and borrowing and reassurance, because i had to effing well wear shiny lycra tights man! or whatever you call ’em. anyhoo, reluctantly clad in shinytights and stuff borrowed from my v patient girlfriend, off we went. i lasted a whole 10mins i think, on the treadmill (walking lol) and about 8mins on the bike. my gf did loads more and i perched there watching her – frankly, i felt aroused.

never woulda thought i’d end up in a gym – joining up was my first ever foray into that world of mirrors and steel and sweat.

only she coulda got that right ;)

(but someone needs to point me at some butch gymwear).

this is what missing you looks like..


badly drawn beginnings

badly drawn beginnings

LJ asked me how I got started …


<3 cherrybomber