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counting miners

it’s a relief to see the reports on the rescue of the chilean miners start to get amusing. by number 11, the commentary’s all well yes here comes the rescue protocol: hug nearest family member, hug president, go to sick bay. and oakley sponsored their sunglasses so the sudden, unaccustomed sunlight wouldn’t hurt. miners have sent up keepsakes, like rocks … another newshound goes weeeellll they’ll be worth something on ebay and then speculates that they’ll appear on the chilean version of antiques roadshow. [tip: for the most fuckwitted commentary, head straight on over to sky tv] a psychologist on the bbc says around 5% of the miners will probably suffer ptsd – the same ratio as uniformed men. miners are a tough lot. one of them ran 3 miles a day. one read neruda poems.


All the time I’ve spent comfortably on bar stools and now the only reason I’m sitting on one is I’m waiting for a takeaway – and I’m not even having a drink.

Day 12 – Your favorite LGBT movie (or one you’d like to see)

Having been to numerous queer film festivals and of course, having watched loads of queer films..sadly the only one that stands out is my least favourite one – chasing amy. Sellout lesbo content crap, grr..

There’s a south african film where jana cilliers and sandra prinsloo are lovers, but I don’t remember the title…

There’s a blur of french and british and american queer cinema….

My favourite films are all straight.

comfortable shoes

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the net used to be the place i felt most free to be me – it just doesn’t anymore. i think ima just post the crappy cartoons here from now on.