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emobunneh feels sad when you do..

{he’d hug you, but he’s armless}

along a road

no closet no compromise


Dear Roche ...

Dear Roche … Broaden your spectrum, be inclusive – heterosexuals aren’t the only ones contributing to your very fat wallets.  Wake up.

On a less neurotic note, here are some badly drawn dykes … in other words, I scrawled a lesbian cartoon thingy.

i just read this..

–a reference to the notion that all homophobia would end if everyone who was gay or bisexual would turn blue (or wear a blue dot on their forehead) for just one day. This idea is duscussed in the short story “Am I Blue?” by Bruce Coville, where it is referred to as the Third Great Gay Fantasy (Am I Blue? Coming Out from the Silence, ed. Marion Dane Bauer, HarperTrophy, a short story collection for LGB youth), and in Bingo by Rita Mae Brown. Musician Tori Amos also used this reference in the song “Hey Jupiter” on Boys for Pele when she asked, “So are you gay? Are you blue?” (Tori Amos, while straight, is a great friend to the gay community and has been since she started playing in gay bars at the age of 12.)

.. from a v fun list, which you can find here.  loved the blue thing, because some of my mates call me blue :)