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TRANS – Transgender Life Stories from South Africa

I reviewed the above book here – please have a look, whether or not you’re interested in transgender issues.  It really is an excellent and interesting book.  It contains some personal friends of mine too!  BTW that site’s my very own dot com – and I seem to consistently miss every moneymaking trend in cyberspace – had some adsense on it for a while, but my account was nuked for inappropriate words before I made a cent.  I was going to let the renewal lapse this year, then I made enough paypal cash online posting slowly and painfully on a forum, to renew it.  All content written by me, all interviews written by me.  The Coming Out Stories project there was a 10 000 hits a month wordpress blog originally.  No idea how long I will keep the domain or what to do with it really … then again, I just tried to light my smoke with a flash drive, so wtf do I know anyway.

twittering @ kate bornstein

OK.  Kate Bornstein.  First time I ever stumbled upon her name was when I bought a copy of Nearly Roadkill in Exclusive Books, Somerset West Mall, Western Cape, South Africa in – oh fucknose, 199_? I read the novel till it was tattered, forced friends to read it and was generally word-and-thunderstruck by it.  When I met another fan of the book, I knew I’d met a fellow amazing human being.  That kind of stuff.  Maybe I should explain that that sort of literature isn’t “big” in this country even now and it certainly wasn’t back then.  It was fantastic to read (in those crackheaded and bartending days) about the fluidity of gender, the fluidity of identity, gender-neutral pronouns and, (plucked from the staid shelves) WOMEN HAVING KINKY CYBERSEX!  I had a brief and fangurlish email exchange with her at some stage during the late 90’s and she’s still sweet about talking to fans.  I commented on her blog, she replied on twitter.  Check it out:

katebornstein @hypertopia8 What’s the state of the queer/lgbt scene in your part of South Africa?

hypertopia8@katebornstein eastern cape: underfunded, underdeveloped, undereducated but still plenty of good people. tiny scene.

katebornstein@hypertopia8 I can only imagine. Yay you for your pioneer work, Ulla. Please let me know if I can help/support in any way. xoxo K

hypertopia8@katebornstein are you in touch with these guys http://genderdynamix.org/ – they do amazing work here

katebornsteinTks and tip o’ the hat to @hypertopia8 for pointing me towards South African trans support & research group: http://genderdynamix.org/

hypertopia8@katebornstein liesl theron, robert hamblin, charl marais would be the people to talk to there. they’re in their recent book too.

I really hope she does talk to genderdynamix, they’re an amazing organization.  Oh yeah, it’s a transgender org, KB is a transwoman.