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chatlog: me + teh moomin

8:04:17 PM Ulla: this guy prances past me in a wizard hat on rs and says polak
8:01 so i go
8:01 are you being racist
8:01 well
8:01 are you
8:01 then i check his name
8:01 krzychu
8:02 then he says
8:02 my woodcutting level is 60
8:04:50 PM Bitzky: lol
8:04:57 PM Bitzky: krzychu definitely sounds polish :)
8:04:58 PM Ulla: :D
8:05:11 PM Ulla: gimme something funny to say in p[olish
8:05:16 PM Ulla: but he is prob a child so be clean
8:05:42 PM Bitzky: hmm
8:06:06 PM Bitzky: zyrafy wchodza do szafy
8:06:19 PM Bitzky: means “the giraffes are walking into a closet”
8:06:23 PM Bitzky: a children’s rhyme :D

chatlog: zombie feet and the nightgown of doom

7:54:28 PM janna: cerule!
7:54:33 PM Ulla : elleaux
7:55:06 PM janna: i think salve would be a more appropriate response to that actually.
7:55:39 PM Ulla : hmm do i choose the zombie head boots gloves shirt or trousers
7:55:55 PM janna: gloves. and also AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHHHAH omg omg omg omg there is FANFICTION for a child called it.
7:55:58 PM janna: omfg.
7:56:01 PM Ulla : lol wow
7:56:11 PM janna: this i have to read for myself.
7:56:18 PM janna: i just died a little from the wtf.
7:56:22 PM Ulla : yeh these are some cool boots actually
8:00:38 PM janna: cool.
8:00:53 PM Ulla : i’d rather have the chicken feet but theyre discontinued
8:01:14 PM janna: …i don’t think you should wear chicken feet.
8:01:25 PM Ulla : theyd look fabulous with rune armor
8:02:24 PM janna: blue, if you wear that, i’d have to report you to queer eye for the straight knight.
8:02:47 PM Ulla : well i just lost all my mage gear to a revenant vampire in the wilderness dammit
8:03:09 PM janna: i got a new nightgown on sale.
8:03:13 PM janna: you can borrow that.
8:03:14 PM Ulla : oh yes?
8:03:17 PM janna: yeah
8:03:19 PM Ulla : defence level?
8:03:43 PM janna: well, it goes to just above the knee, so i’d say it’s safer than a babydoll.
8:03:49 PM Ulla : definitely
8:04:25 PM janna: it’s also mindnumbingly pink with polka dots.
8:04:33 PM Ulla : hectic attack level then
8:04:38 PM Ulla : +bewilder
8:05:14 PM janna: yeah!
8:05:20 PM janna: + chance of stun
8:05:36 PM Ulla : ima have to blog that you know
8:05:45 PM janna: of course.
8:05:48 PM janna: go right ahead.
8:06:03 PM Ulla : o like i need permission to quote you
8:06:12 PM janna: add in the bit about a child called it fanfic. because the wtfery of that is just…wtf?
8:06:18 PM janna: lol
8:06:43 PM Ulla : :)
8:07:32 PM janna: i kind of look down on people who read that sort of books, you know. :-P

twittering @ suze orman

fangurlishness hits an all time low?  why does she always look so … shiny?

anyway, read it from the bottom up …