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the little book of butch – page two

i like the butch 360 project, so i signed up for it.

it’s good to see such different responses, from all over the place. i like seeing these little analyses of butch online that challenge the mainstream cyber butch presence too. you should visit and if you’re butch, you should sign up too. mkay?

and since i’m waffling on about butch, i finally got around to scanning page 2 of the little book of butch – a completely unstructured thing that happens when it happens. i haven’t done many badly drawn dykes lately, because i’ve been v busy working/writing. and you know how it is … life intrudes into online stuff lots ;)

valid thing to say eh? and interesting. and i’m really, really hoping to get some input and insight here.

the little book of butch – page 1

but c her

way outa my customary paradigm yo

so i went to gym.

if you don’t know me well, you won’t realise that what i just said is akin to my having declared i’d just been to jupiter.

i went to gym with my girlfriend on sunday morning, after much consultation and some window shopping and borrowing and reassurance, because i had to effing well wear shiny lycra tights man! or whatever you call ’em. anyhoo, reluctantly clad in shinytights and stuff borrowed from my v patient girlfriend, off we went. i lasted a whole 10mins i think, on the treadmill (walking lol) and about 8mins on the bike. my gf did loads more and i perched there watching her – frankly, i felt aroused.

never woulda thought i’d end up in a gym – joining up was my first ever foray into that world of mirrors and steel and sweat.

only she coulda got that right ;)

(but someone needs to point me at some butch gymwear).