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gneiss shoes

i felt almost cool this morning, wandering along with my rasty one ‘old school’ graff shirt on, fake oakleys, baggy cargo shorts and the weeping wonderwoman flip-flops … it was sunny, but gently so – a good day, or so you’d think.  actually right now things are so freaking thorny that the best thing to do *is* to just focus on little and good things.  i’ve been doing some badly drawn cartoons again too, which i’ll inflict on the net whenever i get off my lazy ass enough to scan them.

i want a big mac meal.

i want sushi.

mostly, i want some gentle time with my gf.

dolphins hurtled around the waves today and i sat watching them with a good friend, having an intensely sad conversation about her family and mine.  juxtapositions.

bbc world showed scenes from the kumbh mela today and i wished they’d managed to film h – she got married there .. joyful madness.

if you haven’t already, read cory doctorow’s ‘little brother’ – you can download it for free on his website – his opinion of copyright is also a must-read..  viva mister doctorow.